Apply for the grant

This grant is geared towards individuals who conduct their academic activities in Latin American countries or developing nations (preferably but not restricted), early career and posdoctoral fellow. Additionally, this grant is limited to individuals who have an approved proposal (presentation, poster, workshop etc.) that will be presented during the conference. Preference will be given to first-time conference participants.

Submission Dates
All applications must be submitted by April 20, 2018 (no exceptions or extensions permitted).

Selection process
Grant applications will be reviewed by a committee composed of members of the DH2018 Local Organizing Committee along with other experts in the field that will for the specific purpose of reviewing the proposals. The results of the selection process are unappealable. All proposals will be evaluated by the following criteria:
– Relevance in relation to the fields of digital humanities.
– Clarity and coherence of the proposal and motives.
– Compliance with the instructions of this proposal.

How to apply
1.- Applications must be submitted via the following Google Forms link. Specify the grant you are applying for (LO-DH2018 Grant o ACH-DH2018 Grant):
2. Selected finalists will then be asked to submit the following information to
– Proof of proposal acceptance
– ADHO or RedHD/ ADHO-ACH Membership number (as the case may be)
– Proof of membership
– Proof of permission to enter Mexico
– Passport
– Visa (if required)

Terms & Conditions
Recipients will be reimbursed $200 USD. Any other additional costs will need to be covered by the recipient.

The recipient will be required to participate during the entirety of the conference. If the participant is not able to participate the entirety of the conference, they will need notify the committee by email. The recipient will be required to sign a letter of commitment and an to write an entry for the RedHD blog concerning their experience at DH2018.
Upon acceptance, the recipient will have 7 days to confirm their attendance.

If the recipient fails to comply with the stated terms and conditions, they will no longer be eligible for similar initiatives in the future.

Grant Funders
This grants are provided by the DH2018 Local Organizing committee and ACH.