Building International Bridges Through Digital Scholarship: The Trans-Atlantic Platform Digging Into Data Challenge Experience / Construyendo lazos internacionales a través de becas digitales: La plataforma Trans – Atlántica descubriendo experiencias en desafió de datos

Elizabeth Tran (, National Endowment for the Humanities and Crystal Sissons (Crystal.Sissons@SSHRC-CRSH.GC.CA), Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council and Nicolas Parker (, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council and Mika Oehling (Mika.Oehling@SSHRC-CRSH.GC.CA), Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council

This workshop will focus on how international partnership can benefit large-scale research projects in digital scholarship. During the workshop, participants will learn about the Digging into Data Challenge 4, an initiative of the Trans-Atlantic Platform (T-AP) for Social Sciences and Humanities, a network of public funders representing countries in Europe, North America, and South America. The Digging into Data Challenge invited international teams to undertake multidisciplinary projects that use techniques of large-scale data analysis and demonstrate how these can lead to new insights. The Digging into Data Challenge has had four rounds of funding, and offers an valuable opportunity to (1) see how the international dimension benefits the scholarship; (2) understand the challenges of working internationally on big data projects addressing questions in the humanities and social sciences; (3) understand how international funding initiatives might enable research in ways that domestic funding cannot.

This workshop is targeted at (1) individuals who are interested in “scaling up” their research efforts to include an international dimension and (2) funders who are interested in launching or joining international funding opportunities. The workshop will touch on various themes that impact digital researchers and international collaboration, including:

• legal considerations,

• the intellectual challenges for large scale research,

• big data skills,

• funding policies and processes, and

• the challenges to international research collaboration for researchers from both small and large countries.

The workshop is scheduled as a full-day event so as to allow ample time for conversation and networking.

In order to better incorporate and interests of workshop participants and foster dialog and discussion, participants may provide a brief one-page synopsis outlining their interest in international collaboration and what they hope to gain from the workshop. The synopsis should be sent to: