Digital Humanities Storytelling Heritage Lab

Mariana Ruiz Gonzalez Renteria (, Arizona State University, United States of America y Angélica Amezcua (, Arizona State University, United States of America

We are proposing to develop a storytelling tool that integrates multimodal mapping for use in language classrooms. Through a Digital Humanities approach on Storytelling Labs, we will be integrating the App StoryMapJS in order to create a storymap of their cultural heritages. This DH tool is very accessible and it will allow the student to engage mapping narrative through images, videos, music, writing and maps; so the heritage learners will interpret space by their personal print, and it will let to other readers from the course or outside the course, to confront other sociopolitical contexts.

The DH Storytelling Heritage Lab will reforge the spatial, and emotional relation from our heritage learners as individuals that can create their own mapping. In a pedagogical perspective the heritage learner will improve their writing, oral, listening and reading skills in Spanish. In a linguistic research approach we will analyze the outcome of the students, a qualitative discourse analysis.

The workshop will be divided in two sections: the narrative without the DH tool: the student will engaged their narratives through family albums, objects, drawings, and recordings. The second part is to transform the storytelling into a digital narrative with the StoryMapJS. At the end of the Lab the student will have the opportunity to exhibit their narratives maps. The final stories will be compiled in a single web page for their distribution in different areas.

The idea to expand the personal stories and experience in the US of the heritage learners is essential for the course; so the learners engaged Spanish in the sociopolitical context of bilingualism of their own families and community. Their narratives, our narratives, will enrich the course.

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